CARRIE: REVIEW  – Carrie White is an unpopular girl, a misfit who is bullied by the other girls and dominated by her religious nut of a mother. Even the PE teacher who feels sympathy for her and tries to protect her admits that she just wants to shake her at times. But Carrie is also gifted with a terrifying new power. And as the kids plot a cruel prank for the Senior Prom, a rage is ready to be unleashed. 

Brian De Palma’s luscious operatic unpeeling of adolescent fear, cruelty and rage – scored by Pino Donaggio – is along with Scarface the best pairing of his own filmic excess and the apposite subject matter.

It drips with pig blood reds and Alfred Hitchcock influences and, in Sissy Spacek’s performance, has there ever been a heroine who is so utterly hurt and humiliated. Her revenge comes only as a slight compensation for the fate she suffers. Ultimately the film is a grungy tragedy.

Carrie will be released in 1976.

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