BLUE JASMINE: REVIEW – In the wake of her disastrous marriage to Bernie Madoff, Gladriel pops pills and swills vodka and travels via a CGI airplane to San Francisco where she stays with adopted sister Sally Hawkins, who was married to Andrew Dice Clay but is now involved with the baddie from Boardwalk Empire.

Woody Allen’s machine gun regularity has had a fair number of disasters of late – To Rome with Love was unfunny when it wasn’t downright offensive – but here, incredibly, he’s found his mojo once more with his darkest film since Crimes and Misdemeanours. Blue Jasmine is an exposé of self-delusion and in the destructive narcissism of the protagonist there are the sins of a generation and a class. And yet there is also sympathy for the devil, even though neither Blanchett nor Allen let the lead off the hook. It’s been a long time since a Woody Allen film that felt so urgent.
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