HOLLYWOOD – The world has been reeling since news broke over the weekend that Pacific Rim star Charlie Hunnam would not be playing Christian Grey in the movie version of the E.L. James S&M porn fest that is 50 Shades of Grey. Focus Features released a statement exclusively to the Studio Exec detailing the behind the scenes drama which led up to the Hunnam exit as it is being called.  

Everything was set for production, but there were still unresolved issues as to certain creative decisions yet to be made, and Charlie, who is a very talented actor, on learning some of the original impulses that were driving the source material decided on long reflection that this would not be a project that he would be able to devote the passion to that would be necessary for a successful realization of the director’s and the author’s original vision. 

Charlie Hunnam gave a shorter statement. 

I read the book.

50 Shades of Grey will begin shooting with Max Von Sydow in the lead.  


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