HOLLYWOOD – The Legend of Hercules director Renny Harlin will still be allowed to make films, following a ruling by the US Supreme Court that quashed an attempt to halt the former Mr. Geena Davis’ film making career.

A note from the court by Chief Justice Roberts stated:

Although arguments of prior restraint have been strongly maintained against Mr. Harlin, his first amendment rights must take precedent even at the cost of producing such horrors as Deep Blue Sea and Die Hard 2. It is not the business of this nor any court to pass judgement on the pale watery plop that is Mr. Harlin’s IMDb page.  

The Anti-Harlin Lobby Group – led by John Pesnick – issued a statement professing disappointment at the ruling but promising that the ‘fight continues’. Pesnick told the Studio Exec:

No one respects free speech and artistic freedom as much as I, but there is a limit to every right. Crying fire in a theatre for instance. Or making The Exorcist: The Beginning and Mindhunters. It’s a no-brainer. 

Renny Harlin’s new film Fallen Cross will begin filming soon.

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