HOLLYWOOD – Sylvester Stallone announced today that he was currently in talks to star in and direct sequels to The Wild Geese and The Wild Geese 2, British produced action films which followed the fortunes of a team of ageing mercenaries on dangerous missions in the Third World.

‘It’s going to be really easy,’ said Cobra as he likes to be known. ‘What we’re going to do is film a new title sequence and just append it to The Expendables and it’ll say The Wild Geese 3 and then to complete the quadrology will cut a new title sequence and put it in front of The Expendables 2 and that’ll will be The Wild Geese 4.’
Journalists expressed amazement that Mr Stallone had used the word ‘append’ and quizzed him about its meaning but he said, ‘That stuff about me being dumb is bull crap. I could buy you all and have you flown to China.’
The original Wild Geese featured the Richards Burton and Harris, the Roger Moore and Hardy Kreuger, would any of the old cast be joining the film?
‘I know Roger is definitely on for a cameo but Richard Burton and Richard Harris haven’t returned any of my calls or emails, which I have to say, I think is probably down to snobbery,’ said the Stop or My Mom Will Shoot star.

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