HOLLYWOOD – Today it was announced that Baz Luhrmann is set to direct a remake of Orson Welles’ classic Citizen Kane. The Aussie director is said to be looking forward to the challenge.

Finally, I get to sort this mess of a film out now I’ve finished fixing Gatsby. First of all, the problem with Citizen Kane is that it’s boring. It’s in black and white and the soundtrack stinks. But I can sort that all out, I’ll get my mates Jay-Z and Will.I.Am to do the music. we’ll shoot in 3D, and in color for Christ’s sake. I had similar problems with The Great Gatsby, it was all just words and characters and shit, so I just focused on the partying for the movie version and I think it’s better for it.

Luhrmann will also be changing Charles Foster Kane from a newspaper publisher to a more contemporary businessman. Will Smith will play the character in this update, as a multimillionaire record producer who throws parties every weekend, with son Jaden playing him as a boy. Jada Pinkett Smith will play both Kane’s first wife, Emily, and long-suffering second wife, Susan. Tobey Maguire has signed up to play the role of Jedediah Leland, the best friend of Charles Foster Kane and co-producer at Rosebud Records.

Will Smith told the Studio Exec’s Hank Eisenstein why he decided to take on this project.

I don’t think the public are aware of this as I keep this close to my chest, but it makes me truly happy when it’s not just me in the family earning the dough, so I like to get jobs for my wife and kids. Baz’s ideas for this film are just crazy, and I mean in a Wild Wild West and After Earth kinda crazy, in the fact that nobody expected these films to get made, but I’m like, challenge accepted. Unfortunately, Willow can’t be involved in the project as I have her recording three albums and writing a script for the I Robot musical I’m planning.

Citizen Kane 3D will premiere in Cannes in 2015

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