VIENNA – In one of the most intriguing pairings of this year, Denzel Washington and Michael Haneke will be joining forces to remake the 1988 Carl Weathers vehicle Action Jackson.

Washington said he was looking forward to working with the Austrian auteur:

He may not be the most joyful person to be around, but I’m being paid a ton of cash so I can handle that.

White Ribbon director has previously mentioned Action Jackson as a major influence on his own work:

In Funny Games I was making a statement about how audiences enjoy the violence in their movies, and this is a similar idea that I want to express here. I want to punish the appetite for violence and remakes. If audiences want an awful remake then I’m going to give them a really bad truly awful terrible terrible remake. 

The ‘Funnyman of Vienna’ – as his student at the Vienna Film Academy are forced to call him – also said: “I felt that the little boy in Funny Games got it easy last time, so the children will really suffer in Action Jackson.”

Joel Silver, who produced the original and will oversee the new ‘imagining’, commented on Haneke’s ideas for the film:

He can do whatever he likes with it, as long as I get my god-damned helicopter shot. Audiences will lap up whatever we have to offer, but like I said, if I don’t get the chopper in there, I’ll give him a statement, and that statement will be my cigar in his eye.

Action Jackson will be released in 2014.

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