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HOLLYWOOD – Ready Player One sequel is already in the works, says over-excited Steven Spielberg.

Following the success of Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg came over to the Studio Exec bungalow to talk up the sequel he’s already working on.

I got Zak and Ernest already working on Ready Player Two. The sticking point was the title but that lasted literally fifteen seconds and then we were away.

But we thought you were making Indiana Jones 5 next?

A ha! But that’s the magic. I can make Indiana Jones 5 and use that as one of the levels which Wade and his clan have to go through in order to save Oasis.

So they’re back to saving Oasis. Couldn’t you have done something more original?

Original!? They’re not saving Oasis the virtual reality environment. No, they’re saving Liam and Noel Gallagher, the rockfathers of Brit Pop.

Ready Player Two will be released in 2019.

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