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HOLLYWOOD – Following his prize-winning letter to his daughters about Trump’s election victory, West Wing writer Aaron Sorkin has written another missive.

This time, Aaron Sorkin address deceased Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen about his concerns:

Hi Leonard, 

It’s me Aaron Sorkin. You’ve probably enjoyed The West Wing and A Few Good Men, well I wrote the words to both of those. In the latter, Jack Nicholson shouts at Tom Cruise: ‘You can’t handle the truth!’ But you Leonard, throughout your work, you can handle it. And so here it is. Donald Trump has become President of the United States of America, or President-Elect, or whatever. I’m not going to get into technicalities. Shortly following this momentous, indeed calamitous news, you had the good sense to die. I have to say having followed you for all these years, you always knew when to leave the stage. It was in keeping with your wisdom.

All I can say is that we’re looking forward to the first fascist holding the highest office of the land. You talked about whistling past your daddy’s grave, the stuttering Hallelujah, the crack that lets the light in, the midnight choir, the coughing golden voice and your famous blue raincoat. You told us that the ship was sinking and the captain lied. So I guess it’s up to us now. I look to your legacy and I believe there is hope for America. I look at your beautiful novels, your poetry and your songs and I see an alternative America, of deep tradition, of deep thought, of generosity and breadth of sympathy. Such an America is possible.

I guess it’s called Canada.


A. Sorkin


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