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NEW YORK – Ralph Fiennes today confessed exclusively to Studio Exec that his acting career almost ended with the 2002 romantic comedy Maid in Manhattan starring Jennifer Lopez.

‘Every actor has an ambition to aim for the best,’ said Fiennes, scratching his trademark chin.

Challenges they wish to overcome, levels they wish to achieve. When I made Schindler’s List I achieved one of those ambitions, but when I finished Maid in Manhattan with Jenny Lopez I was just spent. I said “I’m done: I will never be better than that. Why go on?”

In the film Fiennes plays Christopher Marshall, a senator who mistakes Jennifer Lopez’s working class hotel maid for a high class socialite. The comedy of errors threatens to wreck his career but also leads him to understand that love knows no boundaries of social class.

‘It’s classic Marxism, when you think about it and that was John [Hughes]’s genius,’ said Ralph. ‘After we wrapped and we watched the film Wayne [Wang] came up to me and said “You just destroyed the whole idea of acting and then rebuilt it like a robot phoenix”. Jenny was weeping. She said she was never going to act again. And you know she didn’t.’

After a break of a couple of years, Fiennes returned to the screen. ‘I knew I would never ever get to that summit once more,’ he laughed and smiled. ‘But to have been there even once is an honor.’

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