HOLLYWOOD – Tarantino’s next movie to be filmed using one of those cameras that you have to manually wind the film through the camera with a handle on the side like the olden days.

Quentin Tarantino will do anything to go back to the old school. Film in 70mm, use VHS rather than Netflix and make compilations of his favorite music on a cassette. His anachronistic mania will now include filming his latest film using an old fashioned camera that requires manual winding of the film. The Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill director wheeled his cabriolet into the parkway of the Studio Exec bungalow so as to explain himself further.

I’ve always been a fan of the old classics. The silent movies of Eissenstien, Chaplin, Keaton, D.W. Griffiths and especially F.W. Murnau and so when I started to wonder about my next movie it occurred to me that I wanted to go back and make a film the way those dudes did. I wanted to recreate some of the excitement that must have been right there at the birth of cinema and in order to do tha I needed to physically limit myself to use tyhe equipment they would use as well. That way there’s no special effects except more or less what we can do in camera. I won’t be able to write a lot of my dialogue because … well, otherwise the title cards will last longer than the actual film. It’s a whole series of disciplines that we need to master and rediscover as we make this film.

But is there still an audience for it?

Yes, I’d say so. I was watching a Charlie Chaplin film with some young friends and they all really dug it. The success of The Artist and Hugo as well shows that there is a real hunger for this era.

It sounds fantastic. What will the new movie be about?

It’s going to be my first Science Fiction movie and I’m quite nervous becuase this is a genre I’ve never tried before. Essentially the Inter-Galactic Empire of the Thorgs is threatened by a small band of Freedom Fighters. The Rebels learn that the Thorgs have built a massive all powerful battle station. So large it looks like a small moon.

That sounds familiar.

Yes, I know. The reason is that I’m basing it on Akira Kurosawa’s Hidden Fortress.

Wars in the Stars will be released only at selected Nickelodeons around the country in 1915.

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