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HOLLYWOOD – Quentin Tarantino is to be sued by everybody, it emerged today.

Following the release of The Hateful Eight, it was revealed that Quentin Tarantino was to be sued for alleged similarity between a screenplay and Django Unchained. However, this looks to be only the first in what promises to be numerous law suits.

Legal expert and the Studio Exec’s personal lawyer Marty Drang offered his legal opinion:

Frankly no one knew that you could accuse Quentin Tarantino of plagiarism. It’s a little like accusing Beethoven of writing symphonies. But now that the cherry has been picked so to speak, I can forecast that everyone who has ever written a screenplay, directed a film or even made a passing comment about a film will feel empowered to sue the motor-mouth postmodernist until they have him down to his last mix tape.

According to Drang legal cases pending from several million suits are already being prepared:

There’s the Japanese, the Koreans, Jean Luc Godard, the Italians, obscure American TV directors. The list goes on and on. Kung Fu, Spaghetti Westerns, John Carpenter, the estate of Agatha Christie, and Madonna.

The question on everyone’s lips is obviously do these suits have a chance of success and can I sue him too?

I’ve already filed the paperwork.

The Hateful Eight is currently being held in escrow.

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