HOLLYWOOD – Increasingly eccentric Gawker litigant Quentin Tarantino ‘hires actors to walk around his house, in character,’ according to a source close to the actor who prefers to remain anonymous (it was Bruce Dern).

The actor said:

It started at the rehearsals for the table read of Hateful Eight when he cooked us all a big meal but insisted we stay in character for the dinner. Then he phoned Tim Roth up and asked him to wash his car, but always in character. If you go round to his house now you’ll see Uma Thurman putting up some shelves as The Bride and John Travolta out the back cleaning the pool dressed as Vince Vega.  

 Have you been asked to do anything, in character?

Oh, I mowed his lawn, but I like cutting grass so there was no problem with that. Poor Kurt Russell is re-roofing the house as Stuntman Mike. Quentin says it’s part of his process and frankly some of us don’t get much work anymore. Poor Mikey Madsen stands at the bottom of the drive waiting to see if Quentin has any work for him. 

The Hateful Eight will be released when enough publicity has been built up.

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