LONDON – The monarch of the Uited Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II has resigned following the Brexit vote.

The Queen’s resignation – or abdication as she prefers to call it – came in the wake of what has been a shocking ten days following the referendum vote that saw a slim majority opt to leave the European Union.

Prime Minister David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage of UKIP and Chris Evans of Top Gear have all stepped down from their positions of power, citing incapacity, unpopularity, cowardliness or stupidity for their various reasons. Buckingham Palace issued a short statement to the BBC with the news of the departure of the aging monarch:

The Queen has decided to step down following the vote to leave the European Union. She feels that Britain is no longer the place for her family (who are German) or her husband (who is Greek). They will be enjoying their retirement in Spain, alongside the one million British citizens who also reside there.

The comedy Brexit continues next week.

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  1. No matter what happens people like her continue living in luxury for free, while the unselfish ones happy to get by, or not interested in being a slave for the few at the top will pay the price.

  2. UKIP is mainly made up of ex Tories who think the EU is preventing the few at the top mistreating most British people, by making companies label genetically modified ingredients and allowing workers enough breaks. They wouldn’t spend any money not sent to the EU on the NHS because they don’t believe in the NHS. When Tories last came into power they lowered tax for the rich, while making life for the poor, unselfish or those happy to get by without being a slave for the few at the top lives as difficult as possible. Now all the ex Tories in UKIP will rejoin Tories with nothing in the way to mistreat British people more than ever, and Nigel Farage who claimed to be for British jobs will bring his foreign wife here to employ her on tax payers expenses.

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