BUCKINGHAM PALACE – A spokesperson for the British Royal family announced today that Prince George will make his television debut in a guest appearance on the Downton Abbey Xmas Special currently being filmed. 

The royal infant is not yet six months old, but, the statement said, ‘his future is to be in the media spotlight and there can be no more realistic drama currently being broadcast than Downton Abbey‘. Show creator Julian Fellowes remarked that he was delighted  although he was keen to add that this was more than simply a gimmick:

Prince George is a wonderful young actor with a quite remarkable range. Even if he hadn’t been heir to the throne, I would have hired him on the strength of his screen test. I believe when people see this they will be surprised and delighted. And may I be the first to proffer the suggestion that when, in a few years time, Warner Bros decided to remake the Harry Potter series who would be better placed then Prince George to play the role of that other British icon.

Although producers have kept the story lines a closely guarded secret, they did deny the speculation that Prince George will be playing the new gardener.
The Downton Abbey Xmas Special will air on Xmas Day, 2013. 

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