WASHINGTON – In an unprecendented intervention in the Republican nomination primaries, President Barack Obama has asked to see Donald Trump’s dick certificate.

The call came from the White House following the last Republican debate in which the ex-reality star Donald Trump seemed to imply that his penis was of normal size or perhaps a little larger.

The President however, apparently stung by Trump’s insistence on seeing Barack Obama’s birth certificate, replied that it wasn’t enough for Mr. Trump to assert that he has a normal or slightly larger than normal schlong.

I think, and I believe the American people would agree with me, that the next Commander in Chief must be as good as his or her word. If they make a claim that is easily verifiable then that must be verified. If Hillary Clinton has to publish her emails and I have to produce my birth certificate, then it is only right that Mr. Trump produce evidence – a dick certificate if you will – that he has it where it counts.

Mr. Trump has failed to respond but a hashtag trending on Twitter calls for the mogul to whip it out. Ted Cruz replied that size wasn’t important and Marco Rubio has suggested that they all wear no trousers to the next debate, saying that ‘he believed in complete transparency’.

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