VATICAN CITY – It was revealed today that Pope Francis – who recently overtook Martin Sheen in GQ‘s World’s Sexiest Catholic poll – will also be making his acting début: a small speaking role in the forthcoming Darren Aronofsky film Noah.

The audition happened impromptu during a special Papal audience, which Aronofsky and the film’s star Russell Crowe had explicitly requested. Aronofsky explained:

Pope Francis is just a wonderful person, and very funny. He had seen an early cut of the film and he said he loved it so much he wanted to be in it. We all laughed, but then he suddenly went very quiet and the translator explained he really wanted to be in the film. 

The astonished film maker and Australian were led into a side chamber, complete with green screen, filming equipment and costumes. Pope Francis reappeared wearing animal skins.

The pontiff had already memorized his lines. We ran through the scene and then he did it a couple of times. He was very good at taking direction, surprisingly. But he does have quite a strong Argentine accent but Russell phoned Ridley Scott and we’re going to get Cameron Diaz in to do some ADR.

A Vatican spokesperson confirmed that the Pope does have a speaking role in the film:  

Although small, his part is pivotal to the action. Mr. Crowe is about to get on the Ark and they have all the animals and the doors close just as His Holiness turns up with a pair of unicorns. He turns to them and says “It’s okay, Betsy and Ralph. We’ll catch the next one.” It is going to be very amusing and the fact that it’s the Pope…. Ha!  

Noah will be released soon enough. 

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