Pete Jackson tells the Pope ‘where to get off’

ROME – The Vatican launched an all out assault on Peter Jackson and his new film The Hobbit: an Unexpected (If strangely predictable) Journey.
The Pope – using his traditional any other business Friday address at Saint Peter’s Square in the Vatican city in Rome – said, ‘Half of this stuff is just him making it up, some of it’s based on a book: it’s long-winded guff about a make believe airy fairy land with an oversimplified dichotomy of good and evil and frankly, that’s our job.’
The Bishop of Wellington in New Zealand (where The Hobbit was made) said: ‘The Pope’s bang on. He’s got Petey boy bang to rights. I’d like to see him wriggle out of this. The animal murdering bastard.’

Making shit up is our game

The Pontiff was particularly miffed that there wasn’t more Gollum: ‘He’s my favourite character,’ he said. ‘Now, if Mel Gibson had been directing this …. (inaudible) … Jews …. (inaudible) … Viggo Mortenssen.’
Peter Jackson responded by launching a furious attack on the Pope: ‘He’s just German fella dressed in a frock.’ And was unrepentant about his decision to split a relatively short book into three films, explaining: ‘If I’d just done the one film it would have made like one money!? I mean, where’s the sense in that?’

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