HOBBITON – Following the universally despised The Hobbit Trilogy, Peter Jackson reveals he is to return once more to Middle Earth to realize his dream project: a complete reboot of The Lord of the Rings.

If you thought you’d seen the last of Middle Earth, think again as Peter Jackson is currently preparing a remake of his own trilogy.

The Lovely Bones director swung round the Studio Exec Hobbit Hole to speak EXCLUSIVELY about the project:

I was finishing up the last effects shots of The Hobbit and we’d been in discussions about what to do next. Fran reminded me of the Tin Tin film, but frankly I haven’t heard from Steven since 2013, so I think we’ve both decided to write that one off. Then it came to me why not go back to the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.

A remake?

Yes. I’m very proud of those films, but re-watching them I realize there’s so much that I had to leave out.

Like Tom Bombadil?

Exactly like Tom Bombadil. There’s a whole musical number to be done there. Look at the start of The Hobbit. We kept the music in that film and I think everyone can see that it really worked. Not to mention the fact that there’s a whole generation who have yet to see them. And who wants to see an old man like Orlando Bloom when we can get Andrew Garfield in. We can show these films 25,000 frames per second and in 3D IMAX.

Will there be any significant changes?

As I say the originals do hold up, but I’m going to divide them into three films each, because there’s a lot of material in the appendices. And who doesn’t love appendices?

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship will be released in 2018 with Lord of the Rings: Of the Ring due in 2019. 

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  1. I hope this is a hoax. After the CF that the Hobbit Trilogy was, I’m personally burned out on Tolkien.

    Leave a good thing alone, PJ. No one would enjoy any such reboot nearly as much as the predecessors. Unless we’re talking about del Toro coming back to give The Hobbit a proper treatment.

    1. It can’t be that bad! Trust me, this is Peter Jackson making the movie! It’s not like it will be the next Teen Titans Go! (I hate that garbage) Why can’t we just try something new? If it doesn’t work, we can all just go back to the original!

  2. I would rather see Jackson re-make the Dune trilogy in 3 actual movies. He would add Such depth and reality to it. It would be an awesome project.

  3. Bad idea. It would be hundred times better for Jackson to create a new set of his own ideas by writing a prequel to any part of the lore or a sequel for it. The Tolkien universe is big and you can get many things out of it. A remake can’t be called the very smart of the moves.

  4. I do some what agree I personally love the lotr trilogy, but what i would love to see is a prequel about sauron and the forging of the rings of power

  5. LOTR reboot sounds more like to intentionally downgrade the precious work ever,worst idea.A prequel to both LOTR & hobbit is better rather than to mess-up the achievement of LOTR film franchise.

  6. Is this for real?! I think the world badly needs it! I just wished I didn’t read the books, because I’m very disappointed with the movies. It would raised the competition in Hollywood with all the modern technology we had today, given that all in the books were made just like what they did in HPotter movies. Why not make it happen, 3 movies each book?! With the other books, why not made it as TV Movie companion of the movie, and it maybe just like HP, Transformers or Fast and Furious,Marvel Franchises.

  7. LOTR reboot would be awesome. 9 films will surely make money for the producers. It really gets tiring that only superheroes and remakes of Disneys classics were being filmed in theaters these past years. I already had thoughts about the ending: Why not let the old actors of the movies play their roles that was once assigned to them as what happened to them (e.g. Aged Aragorn taken by Viggo once more)? So that fans will be thrilled. It will surely pay respect to these actors; they may also include PJ even if he is not the director of the reboot, to please the Tolkien estate. Even if Christopher Lee is already dead, they can use CGI versions just like what they did to Paul Walker and pay homage to him; give him the role he wants as Gandalf taking the form of Olorin that will be neat. It will be really excitingly awesome. Cast also Eldarion and the other sons of the characters in their teens taking their father’s roles. That will be a sufficient proper closure ending. Then make Simillarion etc in movies too.

  8. I think the titles “The Fellowship” and “Of the Ring” are the dead giveaway that this is a hoax. Either that, or those titles are fake, at least.

  9. Good god, he raped the book once and now he wants SECONDS.
    “They left the music in the Hobbit”? Sorry, a bunch of Dwarves singing one line a capella, is not “music,” when the book expressly called for an INSTRUMENTAL. Dwarves were avid musicians, both in Bag End and Erebor; but in the film it sounded more like monks singing in vespers.
    NO. NO more Peter Jackson, let someone GOOD do it.

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