Joaquin phoenix

HOLLYWOOD – In a week of controversy for the animal rights group Peta, it was announced today that they had accidentally on purpose drowned Joaquin Phoenix.

The ‘accident’ happened when they were filming a new version of the advert banned from the Oscars telecast which they were hoping to use to launch a campaign to make people stop eating fish.

‘Many people who even call themselves vegetarians still eat tuna because it tastes good,’ said Peta spokesperson. ‘So we wanted to graphically bring home how horrible it is for fish to be killed and eaten.’
What exactly happened during the filming is still under investigation by the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office. One witness said that the director Sam Mendes, was exasperated by Joaquin Phoenix’s famous ‘method’ and suggested no one would believe the film unless the actor effectively drowned himself. Others claim that Peta believe any publicity is good publicity and that Phoenix ‘had served his purpose and was becoming an embarrassment.’
Dinkle Fancy said, ‘he had to go.’

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