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HOLLYWOOD – Adaptation of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary comes under fire for misspelling.

Stephen King adaptations have introduced many horrors to the world. Clowns in It; hotels in The Shining; teenage girls in Carrie and farting in Dream Catcher. But with Pet Sematary premiering at the SXSW film festival, a new horror arrived: poor orthography. One festival goer said:

It’s so distracting. It’s right there in the titles. I spent the rest of the film thinking about it. Took me right out of the movie. I don’t even know if the film was good or bad. Honestly. I’m furious.

 The movie stars Jason Clarke and Amy Seimetz as a couple who move to a new house  by a dangerous road. John Lithgow is the friendly neighbor and there’s a Pet Cemetery nearby where the bodies of the cats and dogs killed on the road are buried. It is the pet cemetery that is the sticking point for many viewers. Deidre Splash told the Studio Exec:

I’m a huge fan of Stephen King in general and this book in particular, but why did the film makers use a misspelling for the title. Are they dumb as fuck or what?

Stephen King Responds

King himself has always been open about criticizing some of the film adaptations of his film. He famously said that The Shining was a ‘pile of steaming shit cocks’. In this case however he came out and defended the film makers:

I misspelled the title of the book. It was my bad. I had some issues at the time and I was being careless. The film makers said to me that they would change it if I wanted but I liked that they kept the misspelling. It is in line with the spirit of the book. Well dun.

Pot Somotory is in theaters soon.

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