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HOLLYWOOD – Pedro Pascal is the new Sean Bean.

Pedro Pascal got his splashed to pieces like an overripe water melon in Game of Thrones. He got himself mince-meated to death in Kingsman: The Golden Something. And now in The Equalizer 2 he has an eye torn out, a leg torn up, and then his neck cut open and he’s dropped off a  building to then be smashed by a massive wave.

So it goes alongside Boromir being arrowed, or Ronin Sean Bean shot or Goldeneye dropped from a height or impaled from behind in Patriot Games. We spoke to Sean Bean.

So Sean, Pedro…

That asshole Pedro Pascal. He’s trying to steal my bloody crown.

What are you going to do about it?

I watched him in Narcos and I liked him. He doesn’t die in that show. I thought this is guy has a future. But then everything I saw that he did afterwards he was dying in horrible ways.

Game of Thrones…

He stole that show. And how? by having his head stomped in. That was my signature move and I was in the same show.

If I meet him I’m going to …

Kill him?

No. That would be too predictable. I’m going to give him a lovely cake.

Sean Bean and Pedro Pascal will be appearing in Waiting for Violent Death.

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