Friday 15 January 2021
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HOLLYWOOD – Pauly Shore is to replace Bob Gazzale as AFI president.

The American Film Institute announce President Bob Gazzale, is to stand down. Pauly Shore will replace him as president.

“We are happy to welcome Mr Shore on board,” said Gazzale in a statement. “Pauly encapsulates the cultural zeitgeist of the nation. He will spearhead a new phase for the Institute in engaging the art of film with the American public, remaining relevant and cutting edge at the same time. I will stay in my role as CEO, leading the operational side of the Institute. And in no way see this as a negative comment from the directors and trustees on my tenure.”

Star of such American classics as, “California Man”, “Jury Duty” and “Bio-Dome”, Pauly said he was: “Really friggin’ stoked man to be joining these dudes, they got a sh*t ton of green and I am making plenty dollar!”

Under the lockdown, Mr Shore will deliver his inaugural lecture online for all AFI members and students. Entitled, “Snitches Get Stitches”, Mr Shore voices his concerns with certain actors, producers and directors over his years in the business for ‘dissing him and startin’ beef when they ain’t all that anyhow.’ He will also look to announce his new initiative, ‘The Stephen Baldwin Documentary Foundation’. It will grant funding to young inner city documentary makers. It includes a 20% kick-back on the grant and 5 points on any profits made going to Mr Shore.

More on this story as it comes in.

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