Monday 24 September 2018
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LOS ANGELES – Paul Rudd has become the latest in a long line of stars to declare their deep and abiding religious belief in the Prince of Darkness, Satan.

‘Hollywood can be a crazy place and being an actor can be a stressful occupation,’ the This is Forty star said smiling affably. ‘I find worshipping Satan brings me inner peace and centres me.’

Rudd’s conversion marks only the latest Hollywood star – Selena Gomez and Christian Slater have also recently declared themselves Satanists – in what is quickly becoming what many are calling the ‘New Scientology’. A new high tech and air conditioned Center for the Promotion of Beelzebub  has opened off Sunset Boulevard, where new celebrity devotees can gather and practice their various Black Masses and rituals.

Paul Rudd speaking from his Hollywood home said:

People think that it’s all worshiping upside down crucifixes, sacrificing babies and desecrating churches, well I’ve never seen an upside down crucifix, but two out of three ain’t bad, ha ha ha!

Tom Cruise angrily responded to the claims that Satanism had now overtaken Scientology as the new nut-bag spiritual fad.

These people are weak minded and they’re being taken in by charlatans who are basically inventing a lot of gobbledegook that people like Ruddy are just swallowing whole. The main problem is it’s cheaper than Scientology.

Bishop Humbert Humbert of the Roman Catholic church however welcomed the surge in commitment:

What we should focus on here is the fact that these people believe in the same beings we believe in. We’ve been fighting against the wave of Godless atheism, so I frankly welcome Satanists as on our team. I’d rather have a Rudd than a Dawkins any day of the week.

What do you think? Are you a Satanist? Has anyone got video evidence of Paul Rudd eating a baby? Please post comments letting us know your thoughts.

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17 thoughts on “PAUL RUDD: ‘I WORSHIP SATAN’

  1. Anonymous

    Lets list the hollywoods / leaders & congressman / high ups that are beleivers in the Real Almighty God, Jesus Christ. Hmm.. bet you that list can be completed on one page of paper. Hey Paul, that “inner peace and centeredness” that your leader Satan has given you now is just his earthly return in exchange for your eternal soul, once your dead and God returns that peace will turn to agonony, indefinately. Same goes for all the rest of you, I hope you wake the hell up before you end stamping your permanemt recidency in hell for real, a place were just a small taste of in which it really is, would bring you a fear you have never known.

  2. Anonymous

    Satanism does exist in Hollywood; of that I am certain. However I strongly suspect that this particular post about Paul Rudd is a spoofy hoax, or the result of someone failing to get a joke (no matter how bad the joke was). DISINFORMATION IS A KEY TOOL OF ACTUAL PRACTITIONERS OF SATANISM, so…be careful what you accept as truth. What could be better (for Satanists)than to have a bunch of Christians flipping out online about someone who is NOT a Satanist, with the result that their legitimate concerns about (actual) Satanists and their (real) practices are ridiculed and dismissed by people who write them off as prissy, paranoid nutjobs? BE CAREFUL. When you come off as hysterical, you hurt the cause of people who want to expose Satanic activity for what it is, and you hurt people who have been victimized by those who choose to embrace this despicable, intellectually vapid “philosophy” and the practices that go with it. (And yes, reader, I’m talking about all of the different forms of Satanism. Reject them all, period.) Anyone who digs on any form of Satanism is a stunted emotional toddler, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. I know something (I know a LOT) about this stuff from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, and I am telling anyone out there who may feel “Satan-curious” to STAY WAY THE HELL AWAY FROM IT, BECAUSE BY THE TIME YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO GET AWAY FROM IT IT WILL PROBABLY BE TOO LATE. STAY. AWAY.

    1. Once was Holy

      All of that is a lie because those people are deceived and they follow riches than God and they soon going to be punished due to the mark of the beast in them coz Jesus is the way,truth and life.

  3. Hyip Core

    This is a well known fact that those who get shoved in your face in the disguise of popular musicians, artistes, and actors got to be where they are because they sold their souls to the devil, and those who don’t, will disappear into oblivion like one-hit wonders, but then there are others like Scientologists, which i think is a legitimate belief system, and are just looking out for their own interests.


      Soso ‘Drippy’ COx — leedl no spi,a dee ingrish sperling reessoon 4 u!

      L_O_V_E is LOVE!

      Rudd Is d_d_u_R SPELT back-ass-wards-THERE!

      NOW you begin to SEE there is NO face in the Mirror

  4. Anonymous

    I find worshiping Satan to be no source for humor nor for joking. You won’t be laughing when you go to Hell and Satan is waiting for you with like tortures. You’ll be there while Mr. Rudd and Seth Rogen are in heaven with God having a Judd Apatow marathon followed by as Q and A.

  5. Anonymous

    Access to Bohemian Grove??? Sign me up! Good grief! What took you so long to send out this recruiting message? Christ, people could get off food stamps if they knew about this stuff. Secrets are bad. Muah ha ha ha ha!

  6. just thinking

    I hope that these actors and actress start making people think for themselves. Because of these ass bags we got obama in office. I wish these drop outs and druggies would stop giving there opinions to the easily persuaded people.

  7. Liz Taylor

    Jesus is real – Even Satanists know this. Know also, that everyone of you, joking or not, will meet and will bow before him one day soon! I pray that it will be a joyful, not fearful, reunion. May God have mercy on us!


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