Saturday 4 July 2020
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HOLLYWOOD – Paul Feig has announced that he is ready to start pre-production on a horror version of the beloved coming of age classic Dirty Dancing (1987) titled Dawn of The Dirty Dancing (2016)

The script, written by Child’s Play (1988) scribe Don Mancini, has been circulating Hollywood for years and at one point Patrick Swayze was set to reprise his role as snake- hipped ladies man, Johnny Castle. Unfortunately Swayze’s untimely death led to the project being shelved and it wasn’t until late 2011 that the screenplay eventually landed on Feig’s desk.
“It’s probably the best script I’ve ever read” said a lucid Feig:
Basically it’s a carbon copy of the original. Same narrative, same dialogue it’s just that in our version some of the characters happen to be flesh-eating Zombies.
Feig confirmed that Jennifer Lawrence would be replacing Jennifer Grey as wide-eyed innocent Baby but he admits he had difficulty finding an actor to step into Swayze’s dancing shoes:
Obviously Patrick would have been my number one choice because he made the role his own. We did investigate the possibility of using a mixture of animatronics , Voodoo and CGI to bring him back to life but in the end we decided it was too expensive so we went with everybody’s second choice, Nicolas Cage.
So far Cage has been unavailable for comment but Feig confirmed the rumour that he has spent the last six months learning the dance steps and eating nothing but brains and entrails:
Nic is a true artist and goes to extreme lengths to get into character. I mean you try dancing the Mambo after you’ve eaten a bowl full of raw pig intestines.
Feig also confirmed that if Dawn of The Dirty Dancing is a box-office success, he has plans for at least two more follow-ups:
Don has already completed a first draft of Day of The Dirty Dancing and we are currently tossing around ideas for Land of the Dirty Dancing. It’s all about financing though so if our first movie makes enough dough, I’m eager to complete the trilogy.
Dawn of the Dirty Dancing is due for release in late 2013
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