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HOLLYWOOD – It was revealed today that Star Trek Next Generation actor Patrick Stewart actually has a full head of hair.

Professor Xavier might be a famous egg head but Patrick Stewart, the actor who plays him, has no such complaints. Speaking with the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY, he had this to say:

I’ve always played bald men. And it’s been hard. You see I have a full head of curly hair. So when I played Jean Luc Picard for instance, I always wore a swimming cap painted shiny pink to create what we actors call ‘the illusion’ of baldness.

Was Star Trek the first time you went bald?

No, I was on David Lynch’s Dune and I remember well that at the first reading David said, ‘I like you Patrick. But I’d love you if you had a naked pate.’ Of course, this was David Lynch so I was willing to do almost anything. He’d seen The Wild Geese II apparently and loved it. After Star Trek though there was no going back. The benefits are though that I can go down the street and no one recognizes me. Except sometimes they mistake me for Brian May from Queen.

Would you like to play a hairy role in the future?

I don’t mind really. To me it’s about the truth of the character. I’m up for the lead in Yul Brynner’s life story and there’s a remake of Kojak in the works as well, so I’ll be slap headed for the foreseeable future I think.

Kojak is out in 2019.


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