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HOLLYWOOD – Rumors of a Police Academy remake have been rife, but now we’ve learned that the two most successful franchises in their respective genres – Police Academy (comedy) and Paranormal Activity (horror) are to combine to make the ultimate entertainment mash up Paranormal Police Academy Activity (horror/comedy).

The ‘still alive’ actor Steve Guttenberg will star as Mahoney, a geriatric police recruit who must train with a bunch of other hopelessly aged candidates in the Police Academy, which has been put under intense video surveillance for no real reason. At first everything seems to be going okay,  as old friend Hightower (Bubba Smith) uses the time to make a film for his Community College project, despite Tackleberry’s (David Graf) best efforts to have them thrown off the program. However, there are strange noises in the night and messages are left that hint at a terrifying secret.

Director Bobcat Goldthwait who also plays Cadet Zed revealed the thinking behind the concept:

It’s very postmodern. Our characters are basically being haunted by the ghosts of their careers. They’re basically possessed by the success they had in the 80s and which they now can’t escape. Personally, I reinvented myself and went on to have a great time making films like God Bless America and The World’s Greatest Dad, but Steve… Well, he wasn’t so lucky.

However, Bobcat refused to comment about a rival project already in production and which also stars Steve Guttenberg, Police Academy: Assignment Miami Vice. The makers of Paranormal Activity attempted to comment but their words were muffled by the large amounts of money they were bathing in.

Paranormal Police Academy Activity will be released in 2016.  

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