HOLLYWOOD – Fans of the popular found footage horror franchise Paranormal Activity are leaving test screenings in utter confusion over the new ‘social realism’ direction of the latest entry Paranormal Activity: Repossession. 

The Studio Exec managed to get a hold of audience ‘test cards’ to read some of the comments. See below.
‘What the f@ck was that shit! Where were the ghosts?’
‘Actually I think the real horror of losing your home was far scarier than any of the installments so far. I didn’t like the long scenes of the couple going through their ‘outgoings’ though, it could have done with more action’
‘So…was the accountant a ghost? Is that why they lost their home?’
‘Same old story! Yuppie couple living above their means fall foul of our culture of debt and unstable housing market… Could see the repossession coming a mile off!’
‘Dem boobs tho’

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