The new Michael Bay movie Pain & Gain looks set to be the best movie ever made. Michael Bay is well known for his tightly crafted dialogue, original plots and subtle sense for shifting moments in the zeitgeist. Just as homophobic black cops and racist toys are going out of fashion, Bay shifts gear to tell a story of deeply suppressed man love.
‘Actors’ Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg play two Florida based bodybuilders who kidnap a business man and attempt to extort money out of him. Billed as a dark comedy, Bay says that he wants to leave his trademark ambivalence – ‘like a stain’ – on his examination of masculine loneliness and insecurity. Bay said he considered a subplot in which Dwayne and Mark bought a zoo, but decided that would be too meta.

What we have here is actually a film in which all the homosexuality that I feel, that the characters feels, that the actors feels, all of it is repressed and comes out only in the form of machismo and really gorgeous muscles. Don’t believe anything else I say in any other interview (I’ll probably just go back to repressing it), this is what the film is about.

It is released in … I don’t know … April, I think?

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