HOLLYWOOD – South African para-Olympian Oscar Pistorius will not be featuring in Blade Runner 2, it was revealed today. 

Para-Olympian sprinter Oscar Pistorius looks unlikely to be appearing in the new Denis Villeneuve film Blade Runner 2, it was revealed today. A source close to the film told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY when we phoned the studio earlier this afternoon.

The source said:

I don’t understand. There was never any real idea that he would be a part of the project. I mean I know he was nicknamed the Blade Runner, but that really didn’t have anything to do with the first film at all. And the idea of including him in the second film was never even broached to my knowledge. It would be in terrible taste.

And so are you saying now this conviction for murder makes it even more unlikely?

Yes.  I mean obviously. But it wasn’t even a little bit on the cards.


So it now seems clear that there are two motives that Oscar Pistorius won’t be appearing in the new Blade Runner sequel. First he had no involvement with the original Ridley Scott movie and secondly he’s a murdering sack of sh*t.


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