Oscar Nominations Announced Early

HOLLYWOOD – This year’s Oscar nominations have been announced early.

In yet another Exec exclusive, we break the Oscar nominations announced early AF bro. The nominees are:

Best Picture:

What The Fuck Was That About? (Charlie Kaufman – Netflix)
We Only Remember The White Guys (Aaron Sorkin – Netflix)
Token Animated Film (Pete Docter & Kemp Powers – Disney Pixar)
The Annual Frances McDormand Oscar Bait (Chloe Zhao – Highwayman Films)
Cold Sad Beard (George Clooney – Netflix)
Kinda Korean Film Because Parasite Won Last Year (Lee Isaac Chung)

Best Actor:

George Clooney (Cold Sad Beard)
Gary Oldman (Load Of Old Mank)
Riz Ahmed (I Learned The Drums And Everything)
Delroy Lindo (Don’t Piss Spike Off Again)
Stanley Tucci (British Set Oscar Bait)
Colin Firth (British Set Oscar Bait)

Best Actress:

Frances McDormand (The Annual Frances McDormand Oscar Bait)
Meryl Streep (The Prom: Because Glee Was A Thing)
Kate Winslet (Period Drama – Tick, Kate Winslet – Tick, LGBTQ Storyline – Tick: We Have A Winner!)
Angela Bassett (Animated – Nope, Black Female – Hell No, She’s How Old And Not Meryl Streep? Forget It)
Elisabeth Moss (Take Your Pick, She Aint Winning Shit)
Rashida Jones (Doesn’t Matter, It’s Directed By Sophia Coppola)

Best Director:

Spike Lee (We Promise This Time)
Spike Lee (Honestly, You’ll Win)
Sophia Coppola (Do You Know Who My Dad Is?)
Spike Lee (Don’t Hurt Me)
Spike Lee (And The Oscar Goes To)
George Clooney (Cold Sad Beard – But He Is White So…)

The Oscars are due to be hosted this year by Bill Cosby. So no issues there.

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