Tuesday 29 September 2020
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Director Ron Howard has announced his next project will be a full length feature based around the controversial Oprah Winfrey/Lance Armstrong interview.

I’ll be following the same template as Frost/Nixon” said a buoyant Howard.

We’ve known this interview was going to take place for a few weeks and so we’ve already got our two leads. Michael Sheen was the obvious for Lance but unfortunately he’s busy playing the voice of Henry Spencer in Pixar’s animated remake of Eraserhead

We auditioned Brad Pitt but unfortunately the man reeked so strongly of Chanel No5 my casting director passed out and had to be taken into hospital. In the end it was a choice between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck so we did the sensible thing and cast Aaron Eckhart.”

As for the role of Winfrey, Howard only had one actor in mind.

This film just wouldn’t work unless we got the right person to play Oprah and for me, Tyler Perry is the only man who can do the role justice.”

We asked Howard how Eckhart and Perry had been preparing for the roles.

Well Aaron has been cycling a lot and we’ve been giving him various performance enhancing drugs and upping his dosage day by day. He’s become very irate and his doctor informs me the speed of his body hair growth has quadrupled but he can do the 100 metres on his bike in 8.76 seconds. As for Tyler he’s just bought another wig for his Madea costume.”

Oprah/Armstrong is due for release in December 2013

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