On Israel and Gaza

Abandoned Bear


I have a confession to make.

I’m struggling to write comedy with all these pictures of dead children flying around so I’m going to say my little piece , clean some of the blood from my conscience and hopefully I’ll find my sense of humour again.

Taking sides in a conflict is a tricky business in my profession. If I played the game as it should be played I’d remain politically neutral and pretend nothing is happening. Unfortunately I can’t do that. As my 5th Grade teacher would tell you, I’m incapable of doing the sensible thing.

The press coverage of the current conflict between Israel and Palestine is obviously twisted and tainted by agendas and owners and the pressures of big business and high society. I don’t even bother trying to pluck the grains of truth from the mountain of lies any more. There’s no point. Propaganda machines on both sides of the coin are in overdrive but of course most liberal westerners with a conscience are going to see the pictures of kids being pulled out of the rubble and direct their anger towards the Israeli regime.

Israeli aggression is nothing new but in these days of Twitter we are seeing things the popular media doesn’t think it’s in our best interests to see. The iron shield of western ignorance is being eroded and yet there are still thousands upon thousands of people that are looking at pictures of children killed by missile strikes and attempting to justify their deaths.

These are little kids. They don’t care about religion and politics. They just want to eat and play and have somebody look out for them.

There is no justification for killing children. There never was and there never will be. There’s no rational argument for it and yet people, many of whom have children themselves are spending their waking hours justifying the unjustifiable.

It’s these people I’m angry with. It’s the average Joe’s on the street flying the Israeli flag out of racial hatred and common garden stupidity. You expect it of the wealthy power players of this world because they don’t really live in this world. They live in their own private Elysium and view human beings as being little more than worker bees at best and digits on a spreadsheet at worst. It should be us versus them but as long as we fight amongst ourselves, the high priests are going to continue offering up human sacrifices to the Gods.

I personally think the majority of the resentment towards Israel is fuelled by a sense of betrayal. We all grew up learning about the horrors of the holocaust, that it was appalling and should never be allowed to happen again but the fact that the state that  rose from the ashes of Nazi barbarism is so vengeful and brutal boggles the mind. Maybe Hitler’s attempted genocide is partially to blame for this ruthless ‘Attack is the best form of defence” mentality but it doesn’t excuse it. Israel itself is doing more damage to the reputation of the  Jewish people than an army of antimsemites and Hamas militants could ever do and 70 years after the relatives of Israelis suffered terribly but ultimately triumphed over a monster they have become the monster creeping into the bedrooms of the children of Gaza.

I’ve revised this article several times and debated whether to post it. Not because I care how people will react but because there are so many opinions flying around at the minute I’ve questioned whether I’m adding anything to the discussion and in truth, I don’t think I am. Most of this has been said by people far more eloquent and knowledgeable than myself but if you have a public forum and you feel injustice is being done you shouldn’t be afraid to speak out. I wouldn’t go as far as to say silence is complicity but it’s not that far away.

So there we go. I didn’t want to write this and you didn’t want to hear this but it’s done. Let’s just hope this bullshit gets sorted out soon.

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