NEW YORK – Oliver Stone says he wants to take a break from controversy and make a quiet little character piece, as he announces the start of preproduction on The Last Temptation of Jesus Caligula Christ.

The new film stars Colin Farrell who Stone says agreed to do the film ‘for two pints of Guinness and a packet of cigarettes’.

‘I drove him down to one pint,’ Stone chuckled an avuncular chuckle. ‘Colin isn’t that much in demand any more, not after Alexander.’

The film takes as its premise the theory forwarded by Roland Emmerich that Jesus Christ and the Roman emperor Caligula, famous for having sex with his sister and making his horse a senator, were actually the same person. Stone says: ‘I wanted to back away from controversy and here’s a small film telling a very simple story about how the leader and inspiration of a world religion could perhaps actually have been an incestuous psychopath.’

Oliver Stone has partly financed the film by mortgaging his trademark eyebrows.

The Last Temptation of Jesus Caligula Christ will be due out in 2015.

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