Alex Vause

HOLLYWOOD – Eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that Litchfield inmate Alex Vause does not appear in the long-awaited S4 trailer of Orange is the New Black. But fear not Vause lovers, Netflix have confirmed that a spin-off featuring the popular character will roll into production later this year.

“We’ve been chatting to Laura Prepon for a while about Alex heading up her own show,” said a Netflix spokesman.

We’ve talked a lot about what we want to do with the character and after throwing around some wild ideas, we’ve finally settled on a story we all love.

According to an unnamed source, Alex escapes Litchfield and travels to a Buddhist retreat in China. In the temple she meets a wise old monk who agrees to train her in the art of Kung Fu. After five years perfecting the martial art, Vause returns to the US to wreak havoc on the criminal underworld.

“It’s a cross between Kill Bill and Dirty Dancing,” said the source.

We’ve got the Kill Bill bit down, we’re just trying to shoe-horn in some Dirty Dancing references because the target demographic loves that movie. We might just get her to punch a watermelon on a log, or something.

If the Vause show is a success, the source said it could lead to other spin-offs:

There’s an idea floating around about a show starring Crazy Eyes. She accidentally becomes the head of the Catholic Church, with hilarious consequences.

OITNB season 4 is due on June 17th

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