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HOLLYWOOD – The state of California has been inspired by Marie Kondo’s tidying philosophy to include ‘not sparking joy’ as a legitimate grounds for divorce.

Marie Kondo’s Netflix show – Tidying Up with Marie Kondo – has inspired a change in California divorce law. From now on, if your partner does not make you feel ‘sparking with joy’, then you have sufficient grounds to seek a divorce.

Divorce lawyer Albert Shebang told the Studio Exec:

In some ways this is just codifying something that already exists. Throughout history divorce has become something easier to obtain without necessarily having to prove wrong-doing, adultery or cruelty. Now it will be simple enough to start proceedings and in the meantime you can practice folding t-shirts and the like into those wonderful little roles. Also as part of Marie Kondo’s influence, we’ll be asking divorcees to thank each other before legally separating. This is actually proving more controversial.

A sudden spike in the divorce rate is anticipated as surveys show that about 83% of couples asked stated categorically that their spouses did not spark joy.

Divorcing with Marie Kondo drops on Netflix in the Spring.

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