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HOLLYWOOD – Being the fifth instalment of Not Making Films by Steven Soderbergh, we give an intimate window into the life of one of cinema’s most beguiling talents: Steven Soderbergh.

February 26th, 2014

You know I got so confused today. I’d ordered my tux, I was looking good, I had a date, she looked great. I called the limo service. They sent round a real swank job. But when we got to the Dolby theater they told me the Oscars weren’t until the week after. Did I feel like a klutz!?

March 2nd, 2014

So I double check the date and I’m certain. I even call up Matt Damon and although he asks who I am (for a joke) he tells me ‘Yes, the Oscars is today’. Phew. Back in the tux, order my date. She looks great. I call the limo service. They come pick us up. We head for the Dolby and when we get there they won’t let me in. Turns out you have to be making films in order to get an invite. I was making so many films, I thought they handed out invites like fliers. Turns out no. My date was so disappointed. We watched the ceremony on the TV in a bar off the strip. Wonderful what they can do with film now. Gravity! Wow. Still, it’s a young man’s game. I’m not sure I have the energy to actually be going into space just to make a film.

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