HOLLYWOOD – Darren Aronofsky has confirmed that a sequel to his biblical epic Noah is already being prepared and Noah in Space will hit cinema screens in December 2016.

“All the original cast are on board, no pun intended,” said Aronofksy.

Russell Crowe and I were talking throughout the making of the first film about the possibility of a sequel but the Bible didn’t give us much to go on. Basically Noah dies at the age of 950 after spending the remainder of his life gardening and watching Murder She Wrote so we had to think outside the box a little. Towards the end of the shoot Russell came to me with the idea of taking the original tale and setting it in the future and that’s how Noah In Space was born.

According to Aronofsky, the script for the sequel is almost identical to the original only this time, the Ark is a spaceship that escapes our doomed earth looking for another habitable planet rather than a sea vessel looking for dry land:

It’s very similar but we have made a few changes. Methusela (Anthony Hopkins) is killed in a lightsaber battle with Tubal-Caine (Ray Winstone) but advises Noah from beyond the grave. We’ve got a couple of wise cracking robots called Caine and Abel who provide the comic relief that we felt was lacking in the first film. What else… Oh, the great Samuel L. Jackson makes an appearance as a tough talking animal smuggler/space pirate.

After hearing of the sequel, a spokesman for the Vatican expressed the Catholic churches disapproval of Aronofksy’s new interpretation of the beloved bible story:

Where’s all the slavery, racism, incest and the angels having sex with humans? They’ve cut out all the good stuff again!

Noah 2 will be released in 2016.

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