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SYDNEY – Nicole Kidman’s fingers are to star in The Babadook 2: One Hand Clapping.

Nicole Kidman has a part in the new film by Australian director Jennifer Kent. A spokesperson announced the cast today to the follow up to Jennifer Kent’s 2014 success The Babadook.

It’s with great delight that I can confirm that Nicole Kidman’s fingers are going to play a prominent role in the upcoming film The Babadook 2. The film will revisit the story of the malignant children’s book that comes alive. The script is already in place and Jennifer Kent will be directing once more.

The original horror film won cult success on its release and the main character has since become something of an icon. We asked would Nicole be playing a relative, perhaps the mother or wife of the Babadook?

No, I’m afraid that we couldn’t afford that. She does have a prominent role as I said. But we could only afford her hands. It doesn’t matter though. That is after all where the fear lies.

The official synopsis reads:

Following a family tragedy little Jane moves to California with her grieving mother. But when Jane starts reading a book about Nicole Kidman’s fingers, everything starts to go terribly wrong.

The Babadook 2: One Hand Clapping will be released in 2018.

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