HOLLYWOOD -In what sociologists are calling a ‘disturbing trend’, Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn has changed his name to Nicolas Win-a-Ding Bada-Bing Refn in an effort to be taken less seriously.

The Only God Forgives director explained the change exclusively to Studio Exec:

I was inspired by Cate Blanket (for more on that story click HERE). Here’s an actress at the top of her game and she suddenly decides to leap fully clothed into whimsy. Well done. 

What changes do you expect the name to make?

To begin with it will make interviews longer and I really enjoy interviews. Plus it will force critics to stop taking my films so seriously I mean really do we have to always pour over my films as if they actually mean something? I don’t see anyone doing that with Kevin James movies and they must mean something as well. 

Other Hollywood stars contemplating changing their names are Miley Cyrus who is reportedly considering the moniker F*ckety F*ck F*ck and Jamie Foxx who rather sensibly wants to go normal as Jamie Fox. For further news remember to check the Studio Exec website on a second by second basis. 

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