HOLLYWOOD – Another Sony email leak has revealed that Fox wants to offload the Wolverine franchise after becoming annoyed with Hugh Jackman’s unreasonable demands.

Kurt Hoight, an executive producer at Fox contacted Scott Rudin last August to vent his frustrations:

Hey Scotty

That bastard Jackman has been calling me all night. He said I’ve got until this afternoon to make my mind up about Wolverine or he walks.

What’s your take on it?



Hey Kurt

F*ck Jackman, if John Woo hadn’t overran on Mission Impossible II Jackman would still be barbecuing dingos in the outback. The guys old news. Nobody gives a shit about Wolverine any more . If I were you I’d put that franchise in the toilet, do a fat turd on it and then flush it down with a hand grenade.


P.S Love to the kids.


Hey Scotty

I hear Sony are interested in buying out the Wolverine contact. They want to waste Jackman and get some guy called Nick Offerman in to play the lead. I’d never heard of this guy so I did a google search. Dude looks like shit that’s been hammered twice. Are Sony serious or is somebody yanking my testicles?



Hey K

I know Offerman. The guys about as funny as a pederast in a playground but he’s got ‘cult’ appeal, whatever that f*cking means. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if it’s Nick Offerman or Fred f*cking Savage. If you can get Sony to cough up 400 million for the rights then rub your palm across your asshole and shake their hand. They’ll spend another hundred mill on some piece of crap that everybody hates and by 2020 they’ll be selling the franchise back to Marvel for beads and f*cking bracelets.


The Studio Exec was unable to contact Offerman or Sony with regard to these revelations but we’ll keep you posted about any future developments.

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