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WASHINGTON – Veteran screen actor Nick Nolte has donated his face to the Smithsonian Institute to be a permanent exhibit.

Smithsonian director Richard Gervais said that the museum appreciated Nolte’s generosity: 

He has a face like Mount Rushmore. It is like one of John Ford’s Monument Valley landscapes and we are very pleased to have it.

His face will be part of a larger exhibition entitled ‘What the F*ck is That?’ which will also include the top of Grace Jones head, Christopher Walken’s eyeballs and Lindsay Lohan’s liver. Gervais says the exhibition would obviously be planned for the distant future ‘when the owners of the exhibits will no longer have use for them’ as Gervais tactfully put it.

A confused Nolte turned up at the Smithsonian this morning ready, as he put it, ‘to get it on.’  Rumors are also rife that Nolte’s head will later be transported to Mount Rushmore well it will ‘beef things up’.

Nick Nolte’s new film A Walk in the Woods will be released in 2015.

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