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HOLLYWOOD – The next Mark Millar graphic novel to be adapted into a blockbuster movie will be The Bash Street Kids, it was revealed earlier today.

The graphic novelist/comic book writer Mark Millar has so far been the source for films such as Wanted, Kick-ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service and so it is only natural that producers have been scouring his as yet unadapted work, but the Studio Exec can exclusively reveal that the next Millar adaptation to be brought to the screen will be his extraordinary early work The Bash Street Kids. Although originally a comic strip created by Leo Baxendale for British children’s comic The Beano, Millar reinvented a darker version for his gothic graphic novel The Bash Street Kids: School’s Out Forever.

Here is a synopsis of the novel:

The Bash Street Kids  – Danny, ‘Erbert, Fatty, Plug, Sidney, Smiffy, Spotty, Toots, Wilfrid and Cuthbert – have left school and entered adult life to varying degrees of success. Danny Deathshed Morgan has spent a year in Afghanistan and returned with post traumatic stress. As part of his recovery he returns to Bash Street where he discovers that Plug is now a drug dealer, Smiffy is just out of prison, Fatty has become a fitness freak and pilates millionaire and Wilfrid and Cuthbert run a mini-cab firm. All have a burning resentment for their old foe, the Headmaster of their school. However, when Albanian gangsters threaten the neighborhood and their school, the Bash Street Kids and the Head and the Janitor will need to unite in order to defeat the vicious fury of Nigil Farage.

Speaking exclusively to the Studio Exec, Mark Millar had this to say:

We are already done with the script and we have three of the Kids cast. Mark Wahlberg is very interested but we’re doing our best not to answer his calls. And when he calls round to the offices, we close the curtains and hide behind the chairs until he goes away. Ridley Scott is talking about directing.

The Bash Street Kids will be released in 2017.

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