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NEW YORK – The New York Times publishes profile of Schindler’s List Nazi Amon Goth.

You might remember Amon Goth as the Nazi played so memorably by Ralph Fiennes in the 1993 film Schindler’s List. Today, The New York Time published a profile of the old Nazi. Here’s an EXCLUSIVE extract from the piece:

Amon smiles gently as we meet at Starbucks. ‘I’d kill for the caramel latte,’ he says in his lovely Austrian accent, chuckling with avuncular charm. ‘And I’m not just talking about Jews.’ He gazes wistfully out of the window. ‘You see I feel that I’ve not had a fair shake of the stick,’ Herr Goth smiles, apologetically. ‘Spielberg and his cronies made me out to be a complete monster. But really I’m a complete pussy cat. By the way I have lots of pussy cats.’

And it’s true. When we visit him in his small villa, he introduces me to Kitler, Nietszche and Bobbins three adorable kittens. ‘The whole Nazi thing was overblown by the media,’ Herr Goth says. ‘We were really angry about affirmative action and there was this group that everyone’s forgotten about called Hebrew Lives Matter. It was this kind of provocation that led us to some very mild genociding.’

Herr Goth started life as a drummer for a shoe-gazing alternative rock band very much in the vein of Neutral Milk Hotel. He soon found himself in the Austrian Libertarian Movement before joining the National Socialists and running a concentration camp in which he frequently summarily murdered inmates. ‘Yes, there was killing, but you have to understand that it was done with irony. Like Seinfeld. You know Seinfeld? The jew?’

Amon Goth is a complicated man, not simply a monstrous Nazi. Yes, he was personally responsible for the deaths of thousands, but he also likes kittens and sitcoms from the 90s.

Amon Goth: the Nazi with a Snood will be available from all good book shops.

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