HOLLYWOOD – Disney have defended their re-release of Mary Poppins after it has emerged that the new version includes lost footage, notably the musical number ‘Send Paddy Back’, which many contest is a blatantly racist ditty.
In a breezy press release, the Mouse House put to rest any accusations of condoning the persecution of minorities by jaunty upbeat musical interludes: 

Disney are proud to announce a special anniversary edition of your favorite musical (about a cunning witch pretending to be a nanny) which includes never seen before content and NEW songs! 

Fans will delight in the new musical number ‘Send Paddy Home’ in which Mary rallies the recently radicalized chimney sweeps of London to defend their jobs against ‘Potato Paddy’ and his chums ‘The Manky Micks’. 

Marvel as Mary and the children Jane and Michael ingest  their special ‘sugar medicine’ and lead the charge against the foul gang of scroungers of London’s underclass in a rabble rousing carnival of melody and psychedelic choreography. 
This groundbreaking new cut also includes an all new character from the original script which could not be released due to the technical constraints of the time. ‘Bulldog Barry’ (played by Andy Serkis) is a half man/half bulldog creature who plays cards in the back alleys and who comes to Mary’s aid in an opium den as she tries to evict the Chinese population from the area during the catchy number ‘Blow Ye East and return Ye Not’

Mary Poppins: Defender of England edition will be released this Christmas.
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