HOLLYWOOD – Marc Webb has announced that from next year there will be a new Amazing Spider-Man film made every three days and some of them are ‘bound to be okay’. 

The director said: 

There’s a hunger for Spider-Man, a famished need. For too long Spider-Man-less days have been going coming and going and no one has done anything to solve this problem. There are countries in Africa in which thousands of children are dying every day for lack of a fresh dose of Spider-Man. Some areas are still having to make do … I’m sorry this is very hard. Some villages are having to make do with Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. Oh God. The humanity!

Andrew Garfield spoke enthusiastically about developments:

When I first started out, I really wanted to be an actor, but it’s really hard. These superhero films are a complete doddle. You’re only in it for about half the scenes. The heavy lifting is done by the CGI boys. I just cash the paycheck.  

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 – 115 will be released from January 1st, 2015. 

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