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HOLLYWOOD – Charlie Sheen photo causes concern

Charlie Sheen is the center of concerns after a new photo appeared on the internet. The photograph appeared to show the Two and a Half Men star in a state of advanced decrepitude. Sheen Watcher Allery Paintbox told the Studio Exec:

I’ve seen some photos of Charlie in the past. I mean from the Playboy mansion and other situations and I have to say: this is the worse.

The Portrait of Mr Sheen

charlie sheen
Charlie Sheen

The photograph was taken yesterday as Mr Sheen walked close by his Venice Beach residence. He wears a hat and an affable devil may care glint still shines from his eyes. But his face that had once epitomized innocence in films such as Platoon and Wall Street now looks like Ron Perlman’s nut sack.

Celebrity stuntman Tom Cruise expressed concern. ‘He looks old,’ said the Mission Impossible star.

Concerns about the hard living son of Martin Sheen have been rife. Known for his wild lifestyle, involving sex, drugs, drinks and parties, the star resides in a strange limbo, somewhere between curiosity and freak, reminiscent of Gary Glitter at the peak of his fame. His career as an actor stalled after several wild interviews and an appearance in a Scary Movie.

Scary Movie 8 is out in 2021.


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