HOLLYWOOD – New Hugh Jackman film Logan is a blatant Wolverine rip-off.

The trailer for Logan dropped this week, leading many fans to claim the film was way to derivative of X-Men character Wolverine. The film seems to star Hugh Jackman as Logan, a man who appears to have Wolverine like claws. At one point in the trailer – perhaps as some kind of joke – he even holds an X-Men comic book.

X-Men x-pert Mr. Titmus had this to say:

It’s an absolute travesty. Hugh Jackman wants to go on to do something else? Get away from the X-Men? Fine. But that something else looks exactly like Wolverine, but a bit older. It’s ridiculous. There’s even Patrick Stewart.

Hugh Jackman was unavailable for comment.

Logan will be released in 2017.

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