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HOLLYWOOD – Daniel Craig stars in new Ken Loach movie, based on a script written by the James Bond actor.

Ken Loach has signed on to direct a new movie based on the life of James Bond 007 actor Daniel Craig. The Land and Freedom director spoke to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

First I was going to retire after I, Daniel Blake, but then Dan came up to me after a screening and it turned out he loved the film and he had a project. He said ‘The film is about someone called Daniel. And I’m called Daniel.’ Then he started laughing for five minutes. He didn’t stop. It got a bit worrying. The next week I got a script through the door. It was anonymous but I suspected it was the work of Daniel Craig.

How come?

Well, the title. I, Daniel Craig. And it’s also about this actor who becomes James Bond and then hates it and has to fight against it. I saw it immediately as a metaphor for Brexit Britain.


A metaphor. Brexit Britain. Craig wants to leave James Bond, but frankly it’s a really bad idea and he’s going to regret it for years and years. He won’t have any money at all. There’s a wonderful scene where he’s forced to go to a food bank while shooting Cowboys and Aliens.

I, Daniel Craig will be released in 2019.

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