HOLLYWOOD – We’ve had films based on novels and plays. And we’ve had films based on comic strips and video games. We’ve even had films based on board games, but a new source of film ideas has been discovered: food. With a whole rack of movies lined up Studio Exec – ‘the best movie resource site on the internet’ to quote IMDB – previews the pick of the crop.

  • Pop Tarts: Selena Gomez and Virginia Hudgens co-star with Justin Timberlake in the Harmony Korine scripted drama about fruity fillings and savoury snacks, which although sweet can still burn you with over hotness.
  • In and Out: A remake of the Kevin Kline gay comedy with Magnum (not the ice cream, but still…) will feature ‘much more eating hamburgers’ says star Jonah Hill, who laughingly said, ‘I’ll be choosing the salad’. 
  • Big Mac: Will star Liam Neeson as Mac and Rod Schneider as the Clown his enemy. When asked what attracted him to the project, Neeson pointed in the direction of Switzerland. 
  • Apple: Initially, when this film was slated, it was rumored that this was the long awaited Steve Jobs biopic starring John Goodman, but it turns out that Sally Fields will play Granny Smith and Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson will play Golden Delicious. 
All films are set to be released in 2013 and are to be directed by Steven Soderburgh.
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